Divorce Options

“What kind of divorce would you like to have?”

We take seriously our duty to provide you with all available options, which is why at our initial consultation with clients we ask, “What kind of divorce would you like to have.” Divorce is a major life transition that demands a thoughtful response. Our divorce law practice focuses on assessing the best way to move your family through this challenging transition by giving you options while vigorously protecting your rights, when necessary. Most people think there is only one way to get through a divorce – going to “battle” in the courtroom. Using an adversarial court process may be the best option for you but it isn’t your only option. Alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as Mediation or Collaborative Divorce, can sometimes do a better job of serving the needs of your family, especially when children are involved.

The fundamental difference that defines our family law practice from others is that with years of successful trial experience, we can aggressively and effectively represent you in court; but we are also skilled and trained in various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), so you are free to decide the best way to move your family through this transition. With an extensive background at a variety of levels in the New Hampshire legal system, we offer a unique and realistic perspective of the best way to help you achieve your goals.


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Download a free copy of Weibrecht Law’s “Divorce and Family Law Process Options” that outlines the various options available by clicking the link below, a no-obligation PDF file will open or download immediately in a new window.

Weibrecht Law’s Free Divorce-and-Family-Law-Options