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Most people think “going to court” is the main way to resolve divorce and other family law disputes. While this is an important option and sometimes the only viable step, court can be a costly, time-consuming, and often dissatisfying process. In divorce and family law cases, courtroom contentiousness can have devastating, long-lasting effects, especially on the emotional health of children. For these reasons and others, many law clients are choosing a divorce lawyer who provides alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or the emerging practice of collaborative law to resolve divorce.

Divorce Law and Family Law

“What kind of divorce would you like to have?”

We started our divorce law practice to focus on assessing the best ways to help your family through this challenging transition. We give you options and vigorously protect your rights.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a court battle. Using the court process may be the best option for you but it isn’t your only option. Alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation or collaborative practice, can sometimes do a better job of serving the needs of your family, especially when children are involved. We take seriously our duty to provide you with all the available options, which is why at our initial consultation with clients we ask, “What kind of divorce would you like to have.”
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Collaborative Practice / Collaborative Divorce

“Sometimes, strength is not measured by one’s dedication to fight but by one’s discipline not to.”

Collaborative practice is an alternative to the court system. It is a process developed in 1990 that has been used with great success around the country in which parties resolve their legal disputes by agreement in a structured setting with the assistance of trained attorneys. Instead of an adversarial court process, Collaborative Practice uses a team approach that is client-driven and attorney-managed in which the two parties and their collaboratively trained attorneys come together as a team and commit to resolving the dispute outside of court. The parties negotiate their own agreement with the help of their consulting attorneys and, when needed, other professionals and counselors.

Although it originated in family disputes because of its benefit to parties who will have on-going relationships as co-parents, it is fast being used with success in all types of legal disputes. Through the Collaborative process, clients can avoid the many downsides of court battles such as high legal fees, lengthy delays, public airing of personal information, and extensive damage to the relationships between the parties. For more information about the benefits of Collaborative Divorce and Collaborative Practice, click here.

Mediation / Family Mediation

We provide neutral mediation services for attorneys, their clients, and unrepresented parties looking to resolve their civil and domestic disputes without a trial. As a mediator, we help parties determine their interests and goals and develop creative agreements that satisfy those interests and goals. Clients and attorneys often report that this method for resolving legal disputes is less expensive, faster, and more satisfying than trial.

In addition to providing neutral mediation services, we regularly counsel our own clients about the benefits and limitations of mediation as a way to resolve their particular dispute. If a client chooses mediation, I will help facilitate the selection and use of a trained mediator and will participate in whatever stages of mediation preparation the client desires.