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Maintain Your Sanity During Divorce

Divorce – Norfolk, MA   May 17, 2009

“Everyone knows that a divorce is stressful, but there are some steps you can take to better manage the anxiety surrounding the process.    I was orginally going to call this post  “The Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Divorce Sanity”  but I really felt the need to have #11…”  Read full article.

Collaborative divorce: A kinder, gentler process

NH Collaborative Divorce

Orlando Sentinel – Orlando, FL    May 18, 2009

“You’ve heard of happily married, but is it possible to have a happy divorce?
 A growing number of lawyers — including some who’ve spent careers brawling in divorce court — say yes.  They’re disciples of “collaborative divorce,” which tries to bring civility and cooperation to the traditionally bitter battle over the kids, family home and Grandma’s silver….”  Read full article.

Divorce can carry short-term and future costs

Houston Chronicle – Houston, TX, USA   May 31, 2009

The old line goes it’s cheap to get married but expensive to get divorced. . . . There are, of course, alternatives to DIY divorce that are not as costly as traditional divorce scenarios where both spouses lawyer-up and prepare for a court battle.

These are mediated and collaborative divorces. Read more

Five Things Every Married Woman Needs to Hear About Divorce

Forbes – NY, USA   June 3, 2009

“Not many people enter marriage thinking it will lead to divorce. While accurate divorce rates are difficult to calculate and often unreliable, many social scientists conclude that up to 40% of marriages are terminated. The chances are fairly high that you or someone you know will get divorced….”  Read full article.

Community mediators resolve disputes, improve quality of life

The Olympian — Seattle, WA    June 14, 2009

It’s always interesting to see collaborative law and mediation practices in other parts of the country. The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County, WA started 18 years ago and has been quietly empowering people to resolve their own conflicts without lawyers or courts. It saves city and county taxpayers more than $100,000 by mediating divorces and diverting commercial disputes away from Small Claims Court…  Read full article.