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Weibrecht & Reis, PLLC, provides specialized service in a few practice areas - family law and mediation - to ensure that you get the most focused and best legal problem solving available. Whether you need an experienced trial attorney to aggressively advocate for you or someone with expertise in mediation, Weibrecht & Reis, PLLC, can help you get the results you deserve.

With over 30 combined years of legal experience in the New Hampshire Seacoast Area, including Dover, Rochester, and Portsmouth, Attorneys Weibrecht and Reis have tried and negotiated hundreds of civil and criminal cases. Their trial work has spanned District, Circuit, Juvenile, and Superior Court and has included dozens of jury trials and bench trials. Their experience holding positions in the NH Judicial Branch, and Strafford County, as a national justice systems consultant and facilitator, and prosecuting and defending criminal defendants has given them varied perspectives of the legal system and has provided them with deep ties to the local Seacoast legal community and justice system. Contact Weibrecht & Reis Law today to learn more.

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What Will Happen to Our Joint Property?

NH Divorce Advice

In New Hampshire divorce law there is a statute that says that the court shall divide marital property in a manner that is equitable under all of the circumstances.  Oftentimes, but not always, “equitable” means “equal.”  The statute goes on to list numerous exceptions when an unequal division of marital property may be justified.  They [...]

How Do We Tell Our Kids We Are Getting a Divorce?

NH Collaborative Divorce

This is a great question for any parents considering divorce,  and it really is an issue that is worth thinking through before you act. Although there may be animosity between you and your spouse, in most cases it is best for the children if the two of you can work together to strategize about what [...]

What If I’m Not Ready? How Does Legal Separation Differ from Divorce?

NH Divorce Advice

Is Legal Separation an Option? Absolutely. If you and your spouse want the legal protections provided by a divorce in NH but don’t want the finality of a divorce just yet, you do have the option to get what is called a legal separation in NH. A legal separation provides many of the protections of [...]

Is Your Anger Too Raw? Or Is Amicable Divorce Still An Option?

Amicable Divorce in NH

When you’ve come to the realization that a divorce is inevitable, there are still many ways you can have an amicable divorce. Consider your options on a spectrum. At one end is the highest level of involvement by the court or a judge. At the other end is the lowest level of court involvement. The [...]

If Divorce is Inevitable, What Steps Should You Take?


I can’t say enough how important it is to consider the next steps after you decide to go through with a divorce in NH. In the traditional model of divorce, the answer is commonly that you should talk with a lawyer about how to protect yourself from the other party and affirmatively get the upper [...]

NH Collaborative Law Alliance Annual Meeting

The Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire hosted a successful annual meeting of its membership at the McLane firm in Manchester, drawing 40 members. Catherine Kligler of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, presented on the development of local practice groups. NH divorce Attorney Kim Weibrecht has been a board member of the CLANH since 2010. Her practice [...]

NH Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance Hosts Symposium

NH Supreme Court Chief Justice John Broderick was the keynote speaker for a Symposium on the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution in NH, hosted by  the Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance on June 9, 2010. NH divorce Attorney Kim Weibrecht has been a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance since 2009. Sponsored by three partner organizations [...]

Kim Weibrecht to Serve On Dispute Resolution Section for NH Bar Association

ADR for the NH Bar Association

Kimberly Weibrecht, a NH divorce lawyer practicing in Portsmouth and Dover, NH was recently nominated to serve as co-chairperson of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution section. The section of the NH Bar provides a forum for discussing alternative dispute resolution in NH, including training for mediator/arbitrators, ethical rule issues, mediation rules such [...]

NH Divorce Attorney Takes Part in Collaborative Law Alliance Training

Attorney Kim Weibrecht, a NH divorce attorney focusing on collaborative law and alternative dispute resolution, recently took part in a successful 12-hour training through the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire. Attorney Weibrecht is a member of the Board of CLANH, which hosted the training on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice for 40 new and veteran collaborative [...]

NH Divorce Attorney Kim Weibrecht Joins Collaborative Law Board

Collaborative Law NH

NH Divorce Attorney Kimberly Weibrecht has been nominated to sit on the Board of the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire (CLANH). A statewide organization of collaborative professionals that oversees training and membership of collaborative professionals in New Hampshire, the Collaborative Law Alliance includes more than 60 trained members. “It is an honor to be [...]

Kim Weibrecht To Serve On NH Public Defender Board

NH Divorce Attorney Kim Weibrecht has been nominated to sit on the Board of the New Hampshire Public Defender, a private, nonprofit corporation which offers New Hampshire a cost-effective means of providing high-quality, reliable representation to indigent defendants. Kim formerly served as a trial attorney for the NH Public Defender in Strafford County for three [...]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance Taps Attorney Kim Weibrecht

Kimberly Weibrecht, a divorce lawyer serving Portsmouth and Dover, NH has been invited to join the Alternative Dispute Resolution Alliance (ADRA). The ADR Alliance is an independent group of mediation professionals and representatives from the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution section, the New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association, and the New Hampshire Judicial Branch’s Office [...]

Maintain Your Sanity During Divorce

Divorce Collaborative.com – Norfolk, MA   May 17, 2009 “Everyone knows that a divorce is stressful, but there are some steps you can take to better manage the anxiety surrounding the process.    I was orginally going to call this post  “The Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Divorce Sanity”  but I really felt the need to [...]

Collaborative divorce: A kinder, gentler process

NH Collaborative Divorce

Orlando Sentinel – Orlando, FL    May 18, 2009 “You’ve heard of happily married, but is it possible to have a happy divorce?
 A growing number of lawyers — including some who’ve spent careers brawling in divorce court — say yes.  They’re disciples of “collaborative divorce,” which tries to bring civility and cooperation to the traditionally [...]

Divorce can carry short-term and future costs

Houston Chronicle – Houston, TX, USA   May 31, 2009 The old line goes it’s cheap to get married but expensive to get divorced. . . . There are, of course, alternatives to DIY divorce that are not as costly as traditional divorce scenarios where both spouses lawyer-up and prepare for a court battle. These are [...]

Five Things Every Married Woman Needs to Hear About Divorce

Forbes – NY, USA   June 3, 2009 “Not many people enter marriage thinking it will lead to divorce. While accurate divorce rates are difficult to calculate and often unreliable, many social scientists conclude that up to 40% of marriages are terminated. The chances are fairly high that you or someone you know will get divorced….”  [...]

Community mediators resolve disputes, improve quality of life

The Olympian — Seattle, WA    June 14, 2009 It’s always interesting to see collaborative law and mediation practices in other parts of the country. The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County, WA started 18 years ago and has been quietly empowering people to resolve their own conflicts without lawyers or courts. It saves city and [...]